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Natural Sandalwood piece on stick Sandalwood 10 stick for Calming & Conducive to Meditation 10"L 100% pure ingredients. Each pack contains 10 long burning sticks. Price is marked for 1 packets. Burn time approx. 1 hour. When you are ready to burn it, start by holding the incense stick from the correct end – the end that is thicker, and coated, is the end you will be lighting up, so pick the stick up from the end that is thinner, and not coated.  Now light up a match or lighter, and hold the flame under the tip of the thick, coated end. Wait until it catches fire, and when it does, remove the flame from underneath.  Allow the flame to burn for a while – after some time, the flame will taper off itself, and if it does not, you can blow it out yourself. Allow it to burn for a few seconds at most – do not let it remain on fire, as this will lead to a wasted stick of incense.  Once you have succeeded in lighting it properly, put it in the incense holder and enjoy the calming scent.

Auroshikha Sandalwood Resin Incense Sticks Packet

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