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Here's a good burner, not only to catch ash, but to make sure that you don't start a fire.  Incense that has an internal wood core will not burn all the way through, but cone and cylinder incense burns away completely, so the surface that you burn this type of incense on needs to be heat resistant.  Never burn cone or stick incense that does not have a wooden core on a wooden surface or wooden incense burner.

Wood Ash Catcher 10"L (various assortment)

Wood Ash Catcher Colors
  • We mainly have brown ones available. The rest of the colors are based on availability.  In case we run out of your choice of color, we will notify you first, giving you the option to receive another available color or wait a little a longer for the color you want.  Also each color has unique designs (e.g., some have repeated 'hearts' or 'flowers' , 'diamonds', etc.).  It's also possible that you may get the color you want but the burner may have a totally different set of designs.  We have no control over this. 

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