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With Spirit's help, our mission is three fold:

1. To help people get back on their destiny's path by providing them readings that actually give insight and/or clarity they need to help navigate through life's various circumstances.   We do this by letting them know in the most compassionate way possible what they 'need' to hear at the time of the reading and not necessarily what they want to hear.  Basically, the readings we provide we believe to be genuine and reliable as confirmed and validated by the majority of our customers who also gave us excellent reviews.  We believe that these readings are inspired by Spirit who is the source and creator of all things.  To us, Spirit is God, the Creator and the Power behind all these readings.  And we're not here to convert anyone to our beliefs.   Just sharing something about us you need to know before you schedule for a reading.


2.  To encourage and motivate people in developing and/or strengthening their own spiritual gifts which includes their intuition.    We do this through shared experiences--such as during readings and/or during our daily interaction with people who cross our paths.   The process of embracing spirituality in this manner we believe to be a very essential process in that it allows us to tune in and/or connect with our soul which is that part of us that's eternal which is also the part that connects with Spirit .


3.  Lastly, through offerred courses and training (one on one or as a group, rates will vary depending on the course and training location), we also spread the knowledge of the many aspects of spirituality and of Spirit to give people a better sense of how the physical realm is related to and how it's influenced by Spirit.





As a business, we are officially registered, filed and charted with the Charter Division of the Department of Assessments and Taxation in the State of Maryland,  United States: Department ID T00396395,  Work Order # 4469652, Year Filed 2015.

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