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What is Spirituality, it's role in our lives, and how it can benefit us.

Hey Everyone! To me Spirituality is a state of being with each person. A state of being where one is open and accepting to the fact that there is a realm of the unseen that co-exists with our physical reality. Spirituality is also an awareness that's its an evolving and insightful process regarding his or her distinct spiritual experiences and knowledge, knowing that each person we relate to, despite the labels they may carry, despite how they may physically appear or otherwise, etc, each person whether open to or not open to Spirituality is at various levels and/or stages of spiritual growth which implies that we all should have patience with one another--and to also be aware that Spirituality or "being spiritual" has nothing to do with any man-made religion or it's claim of how spirituality is. Lastly, a "spiritual" person is basically a being who accepts the fact that everything that spirituality represents overall does impact and/or influence our thoughs, hearts, desire and experiences on a daily basis.

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